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Having a dream and being able to finally make it true is the best feeling ever. And you can do that very easily by having your babe right beside you, We encourage you to have big dreams, we are only at the beginning of our relationship, traveled very few places together but we have the inspiration for reaching new goals in the new countries and places that we have never seen. Hopefully we are going to share lots of inspiring stories and memories on our website.

Our first summer vacation together

Ulqinj, Montenegro

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New Adventure

Coming Soon

Krakow, Poland

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Perl Jam

July 14, 2022 18:00

First Concert

Its going to be fun !
and after 2 days

another concert

Bjonda's favorite band Placebo returns to our country, after they postponed the planned concert in 2020 because of pandemics. Well... feel so lucky to to join and see her dance all concert long ❤︎

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